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Centre Management Team

STS Centre Management Team

What does it mean to be a part of the Centre Management Team?

Our Centre Management Team consists of a Centre Manager and at least one Assistant Center Manager. 

The Centre Management Team runs the operative and seasonal office and represent our brand on site. Centre Staff lead and support our activity/group leaders, helping to ensure that the students get the best summer imaginable. They are responsible for the planning and organization of logistics, accommodation, activities and the academic schedule. they make sure that everything runs smoothly at the centre. This work takes place in a very international setting, running the operations with local suppliers and stakeholders while managing a team of staff and leaders from all over the world. 

Being a part of the Centre Management Team is a fantastic opportunity to work in a fun, dynamic environment and an ideal way to add skills to your professional development while working with a passionate team. 

The Centre Management team will act as mentors and role models for our activity/group leaders and create a high-energy work environment to drive STS’s and LSC’s mission abroad.

What does the Centre Management Team do?

They are taking overall responsibility of our centre, ensuring that things are running smoothly. 

Locations: UK, New York, Florida, California, Bali, Canada & Paris 
Job Type: Seasonal (Summer Employment)
Duration: 1-2 months

Centre Management Team main responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the centre
  • Financial responsibility for the centre
  • Perform administrative tasks such as budgeting, monthly or weekly reports and booking of transportation.
  • Working with the Activity Management Team on all issues of student welfare
  • Supervise, help and schedule leaders.
  • If based in the UK - ensure that the centre comply to British Council accreditation standards.